HTT Students in “Japanese Skills” Program

After completing the study program at the school, with the orientation to continue to Japan to work, study and experience, 2 of you registered to participate in the “Japanese Skills” program organized by the University and the Company. Esuhai coordinated the organization. Through the process of studying and training at the center, 2 of you have been accepted into the correct auto maintenance major that you have pursued during 3 years of studying at the school, and are expected to leave Japan to work in a few days. next month.

During the process of studying and practicing at the school, the two of you have actively cultivated Japanese, practiced Japanese standard style, excellently scored and won the trust in the eyes of employers. Next time, the two of you will continue to study advanced to prepare for the 3-year internship journey to Japan

Wishing you both a lot of health, always keep your faith and will, train well and accumulate a lot of skills   before you start writing a youth diary in Japan!

Covid-19 is really scary. But, a crisis mentality is scarier than Covid-19!

Instead of being afraid and doing nothing or not daring to go to Japan, let’s learn to live with the epidemic like thousands of other Trainees have chosen to face the epidemic. And the fact that they are doing really well right now!

Van Hoang Nguyen

DOB: 01/10/2000

Homeland: Nam Định

Automotive Engineering

Ngành nghề: Bảo dưỡng ô tô tình CHIBA

Date of Depart: September 2021

Nguyen The Tai

DOB: 28/10/2000

Homeland: Thanh Hóa

Automotive Engineering

Ngành nghề: Bảo dưỡng ô tô tỉnh FUKUSHIMA

Date of Depart: July 2021

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