Cooperation between HTT and Dongshin University: Bright future for students

Dongshin University, established in 1987, located in Naju city, South Korea, is a general university in the top 100 best universities in Korea  with many affiliated specialized universities, training students. High-quality specializes in four areas which include culture and tourism, health and welfare, technology-biological, and energy fields.

Currently, Dongshin University has 06 member universities: University of Industrial Science and Technology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Social Welfare and Community Health, University of Culture and Tourism University of Applied Energy. The undergraduate training system includes more than 40 faculties, the graduate system includes 28 majors, and the doctorate system includes 20 majors. In addition, the school also owns Dongshin Kindergarten, Dongshin Middle School, Dongshin Girls High School, Dongshin High School, DongKang College, all of these facilities are built in Naju City (Southwestern Korea).

Dongshin University

Dongshin University in the years 2010 to 2021 is assessed by the Korean Ministry of Education as a university: typical in educational development (2010, 2013, 2015) leading in the percentage of students applying for jobs at work. in the area of ​​Jellanam Kwangju(2011); Pioneering in connecting universities and industries, the University is typical in educational development (2012); recognized as a pioneer university in the fields of professions that are suitable to the necessary needs of society (2017). Year 2021 Designated by the Ministry of Education as a certification body for the internationalization of education competency certification system (degree course)

In international cooperation, Dongshin University has selected and signed a cooperation agreement with Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce (HTT) exchange students, send students to study abroad under a unique program without any compensation. Which study abroad consulting company can bring and help students have the opportunity to study and practice in an international environment, while saving maximum study costs and providing opportunities for future career development, students will receive 2 degrees: full-time Diploma from Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce and Undergraduate degree from Dongshin University.

Students have studied at Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce for 2 years before participating in a student exchange program at Dongshin University for 1 year and 2 years at Dongshin University. During 2 years of study at Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce, students are equipped with specialized knowledge of the discipline to receive a regular College degree and train and improve their Korean language skills. After 1 year participating in the student exchange program, students study for another 2 years at Dongshin University and receive a university degree from Dongshin University.

A special feature of the program is that students from all disciplines of Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce can participate if they wish to continue studying to receive a university degree at Dongshin University and meet the requirements. Korean level from Topik 2 and above. Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce is licensed by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to provide training and degrees in Korean at the College level. Korean language training program is undertaken by the School’s Department of International Languages ​​with updated curriculum. Best. This is an extremely favorable condition for Korean language students to be able to participate in the student exchange program and continue studying at Dongshin University. This also does not limit the opportunity for students of other disciplines to participate in the program if they are passionate about the Korean language. In fact, up to a quarter of the students who participated in the program who were sent by Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce in the student exchange program with Dongshin University were non-Korean language students. Countries that belong to the fields of Economics, Tourism..


The superiority of the program signed between the two schools in addition to the strict legal factor, the clear degree is also reflected in the tuition fees, scholarships and support work for students during their study at the University. study Dongshin. That is, during 2 years of study at Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce and 1 year of student exchange at Dongshin University, students only have to pay a total tuition fee of 35 million VND (for students majoring in Korean language). of Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce), for other majors, it is the tuition fee of the discipline but does not exceed 35 million VND. Students will be granted scholarships from 30% to 100% depending on their Korean language level: Topik 3 is granted 30%,   Topik 4 is granted 50%,   Topik 5 is granted 70%,   Topik 6 is granted 100%. In addition, students will be self-sufficient in travel expenses between Vietnam and Korea, accommodation costs for 2 years at Dongshin University. Supported by Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce in all procedures when participating in the program.

In order for students to have more costs to cover tuition fees and accommodation while participating in the program, Korean law allows students to work up to 20 hours/week (excluding Saturday and Sunday). during the semester and unlimited overtime during long school holidays with familiar jobs such as waiters, kitchen assistants, workshops, etc. with overtime salary from 8,000 to 9000 KRW/h (equivalent to about approx. 180,000 VND/hour). Thus, with the current tuition and fees in Korea, students can rest assured to participate in the program with the most optimal cost, suitable for most families and students.
With the superiority of the program, many students have chosen Hanoi College of Technology and Commerce as the place to study to receive a full-time College degree and choose a cooperation program between the College of Technology and the University of Technology. Hanoi Trade and Dongshin University to start a good future.

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