Student exchange program with Dongshin University – Korea: Two students of HTT International Language Faculty are eligible to participate in the program and fly to Korea

Yesterday, two students from the Faculty of International Languages ​​HTT, after a very arduous process, officially flew to Korea – the land of Kim Chi to continue their study path according to the training process of the “Exchange” program. students with Dongshin University – Korea”.

Students from Faculty of International Languages ​​officially flew to Korea to continue Phase 2 of the Program “Student Exchange with Dongshin University – Korea”

Accordingly, 2 students have accumulated enough conditions to be   Nguyen Thi Phuong and Ngo Hoai Anh – students of Korean K12 – Faculty of International Languages.

These two girls – two female students from Bac Giang have tried to complete all the requirements under the program in extremely difficult conditions when the Covid – 19 epidemic is breaking out strongly and Bac Giang is a big outbreak. However, with constant efforts, the two of you also met the health, foreign language and procedural requirements.

Congratulations you two! We hope that you will always maintain that energy and optimism to continue the Program and pursue your dreams in Korea.

Some pictures of you at Noi Bai International Airport:

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