Associate Degree of Business (Economics and Finance)


Mission :As the key training field of the college, Faculty of Economics & Finance have to train student with 6 fields: Accounting, Marketing, Business Management, Finance-Banking, Legal Services and Logistics.

Training goals : As a sector associated with the development of the college, and also pláy an important role in economy, Faculty of Economics and Society promise to create a student that have ability to adapt to the business demand.

The training program is both general that help student to get a good basement knowledge, also focus on the specific knowledge of each fields, give student confident so that they can meet enterprise demand

Achievements :

  • Faculty of Economics and Finance is one of the key fields of the school with a large training, provide to labor market nearly 1000 highly trained bachelor each year
  • Students are highly appreciated during their practical time in enterprise, they have adapt to the enterprise demand and able to work in a professional environment
  • Our college has establish a training relationship and supply human resources with other universities that have same field such as : Finance, Banking, Trading in many ways: training cooperation, hiring cooperation, practice
  • – intership, schoolarship … This is a good basement for the students of Faculty of Economics and Finance to gain knowledge and experiences so that they can work in professional working environment after graduation.


  • Accounting for Managers
  • Digital Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Business Management
  • Legal services
  • Finance – Banking


  • Teaching methods include face-to-face delivery, tutorials, classes, workshops and industry seminars.
  • Students’ achievements in the program are measured by various methods including assignments, research, case study analysis, group presentations and examinations.


Economics and finance skills are widely transferrable, so career opportunities are interesting and diverse. You can take on various roles, including:

  • finance manager
  • financial analyst
  • funds manager
  • banker
  • risk analyst
  • stockbroker
  • economist
  • business developer
  • business support analyst
  • accountant
  • auditor
  • cost/buying controller
  • taxation consultant


When you successfully complete this program, you may be eligible for entry into a bachelor degree of many universites in Vietnam or cooperation programs in Australia, Korea, Germany,…

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