Associate Degree of Languages


Mission : Is the vital sectors in the field of humanities and linguistics with the task of training bachelors in Linguistics with 2 majors of English and Korean to serve the needs of international integration of our country

Training goals : The Faculty of Foreign Language aims to simultaneously provide both specialized knowledge and skills training. The training content of the major includes the basic knowledge of linguistics to serve the application and learning of nearby majors, intensive knowledge for scientific research, skills related to language issues such as newspaper writing, communication organization, language information processing, language communication, text document preparation, translation and interpretation skills, foreign language teaching skills.

Opportunity : With the orientation of developing international integration of the school in particular and of the country in general, the future of linguistics’ students is very promising. Foreign businesses and partner universities annually spend more than 100 study abroad scholarships and hundreds of job opportunities with good insurance policies for students of Hanoi College of Technology and Trading.

The college has an international cooperation relationship throughout the region and internationally, which is a great opportunity for students to reach their careers globally.

The students of the college are highly appreciated in practice time, internship in business about knowledge, skills and adaptability, most likely to work immediately in a professional working environment.

1. Japan Language
2. English Language
3. Korean Language
4. Chinese Language
5. Polish Language – Short Course (*)


HTT offers a multicultural learning environment and teaching by native language and other highly qualified academics who have a background in industry.

The Associate Degree of Languages places a strong emphasis on face-to-face learning in years one and two, followed by two WIL (Work-Integrated-Learning) courses, and further cultural studies in your final year. The WIL courses include a project and an internship where you can put what you’ve learned into real-world practice.

As part of the Language and Culture capstone project you will develop a bilingual product, system, or event. You will expand and enhance your cross cultural communicative skills and knowledge through engaging problem based tasks that focus on language issues in a globalised context. Assessment tasks in this program will include some of the following:

  • Assignments and projects
  • Reflective journals
  • Role-plays or presentations
  • Self-assessment and peer-assessment
  • Problem solving
  • Examinations: you will undertake final oral (speaking), aural (listening),  and written exams.


Graduates of language major pursue careers in international organisations or with government or Vietnamese companies interacting with international clients. Such roles may include:

  • administrative officer
  • writer/content creator
  • liaison/relationship manager
  • sales representative
  • project manager
  • sales and marketing
  • international business
  • tourism
  • media and communications
  • events and conferences
  • copywriting and editing


When you successfully complete this program, you may be eligible for entry into a bachelor degree of many universites in Vietnam or cooperation programs in Australia, Korea, Germany,…

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