Polish Language – Short Course


Polish language course at HTT is an exciting Polish program designed both for people who do not speak Polish and those who need to improve proficiency in Polish to begin their studies. The aim of the course is to prepare the candidates in their oral and written skills to meet the requirements of higher education in Poland.

In addition to developing their Polish skills, students will be introduced to valuable thinking and academic skills. This will help them to prepare for their future higher education.

Students will work together on projects during the course. These learner-centred projects require students to work on real-world tasks using Polish.


We offer Polish initial tests to find your current level for you. The test includes grammar, writing and speaking and is conducted by HTT  teachers to make sure you are enrolled in the correct level.


Polish language course at HTT includes:

  • 6 levels, from Elementary (A) to Proficiency(C)
  • Each level is divided into 2 modules (1&2) of 60 hours each
  • Each module includes 2 soft skills workshops


Experienced teachers with international teaching qualifications
Students will study with HTT’s native-level Polish teachers whose international teaching qualifications and who have at least 3 years of experience. Thus, students will study in an environment that maximizes their Polish language development in Vietnam.

The course is being offered when there is a group of minimum 6 students. For the groups of five or more candidates, representing a certain institution, the course can be designed to suit the needs of the group: time, place and course material.

Use of technology
Students will be facilitated in their use of technology on the course. Students have access to online workbooks to independently develop their language skills outside of class. They will also be supported in using technology as part of their projects. This will include the use of digital presentation and poster tools, such as Google Slides. Additionally, teachers will use digital tools as part of class to engage and motivate learners.

Each module includes:

  • 3-4 unit quizzes
  • 2-3 projects. Students are assessed on the development process and on the final product, presentation or performance. The final product may consist of student-produced videos, websites, posters and/or presentations.
  • End of course assessment.

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