Associate Degree of Technology And Engineering


Mission: To create high-quality human resource to serve industry with many fields: Construction, Architecture, Mechanical engineering, Electric-Electronic and high-technology fields such as Informations, Automobile engineering. With suitable equiments, we focus on high-quality training model according to enterprise demand

Training goals: Student in Faculty of Technology are trained under the standard program of Ministry of Education and Training, also increase the practical training in high-quality facilities with the help from expert in the field

We affirm student after graduate know the major knowledge and adapt with the enterprise demand. Therefore, we build the standard output step by step according to Europe and Japan standard in order to approach international labor market


  • Faculty of Technology is the oldest faculty in our college and it currently be one of the prestigious training course in Vietnam
  • Currently be one of the field in our college that have 70% of student have a proper job after graduated
  • Students are highly appreciated during their practical time in enterprise, they have adapt to the enterprise demand and able to work in a professional environment
  • Our college  has establish a training relationship and supply human resources with other universities that have same field
  • Create more employment opportunities for students after graduated from domestic technology enterprises and some foreign markets such as Japan, Australia, Korea, …


  • Electrical, Electronic Engineering Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Refrigerator – Air-conditioner Technology
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Automobile engineering
  • Architecture Technology
  • High way bridge construction
  • Construction Technology
  • Industrial Automation
  • Welding


  • The Degree of Technology and Engineering program is delivered through lectures, workshops, projects, group work and industry placements.
  • Assessments will vary with each course but may include examinations, assignments, reflective journals, in-class tests, laboratory reports and group projects.


HTT students have a wealth of practical skills that lead to many career paths. Opportunities include:

Entry -evel careers

  • product development and design
  • application engineer
  • integrated circuit design engineer
  • electrical engineering
  • automation
  • project officer/manager
  • telecommunications
  • technology consultant

Long-term career

  • principal engineer
  • advanced/specialist engineer
  • engineering manager
  • engineering director
  • chief technology officer
  • chief executive officer


When you successfully complete this program, you may be eligible for entry into a bachelor degree of many universites in Vietnam or cooperation programs in Australia, Korea, Germany,…

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